Feb 5

Phunconf 5.0

venus Chris Zaharia Lee Sheppard Peter Mills Jesse Bryant rodrigo Patrick Skotniczny Jack Skinner Carlos Herrera Raymond Antonio Wijaya Chaitanya Kuber Marshall Eugen Mielke

4 developers attending

It's that time of year and SydPHP is hosting our biggest Phunconf yet to celebrate its 5th birthday!

For members new to SydPHP (welcome!), Phunconf is our annual unconference - kindly hosted at Google HQ in Pyrmont.  In addition to the evening unconf we're also hosting a series of workshops and a code retreat during the day.

We've launched http://phunconf.org especially for the event.  We'll be updating it with announcements in the lead up to Fe…

You can also visit our Meetup.com page for event information.