Apr 30

SydPHP April 2015 meetup

Neil Smith Nehemiah Jacob Adam Gabriel Mérida Luigi Bertaco Cristofolini S M Tarikul Alam Sebastian Machuca Nick Ferguson Allen Tian Jerome Yewdall Peter Moulding Daniel Winter Joris Garonian

90 developers attending

Hey SydPHPers!!!  2015 is now well underway and we are SUPER EXCITED to announce our April meetup.

To help you get over those post-conference blues we have some pretty interesting subjects to get your minds racing and the conversation flowing.

PSR7 - HTTP message interfaces (should it pass)

Yes, you heard that right, a whole talk on PSR7!  Specifically, what are HTTP message interfaces, why this is a major milestone for the PHP community and why…

May 21

SydPHP May 2015 meetup

Ollie Brennan Justin King Jack Skinner Paul Kiernan Matt Angell Garrón Argentina Blair Hudson Aftab Naveed Max SNow Anthony Gore

12 developers attending

Hey SydPHP!

Save the date, we're announcing May's ahead of time so you can pop it in your diaries!  Stay tuned for announcements on talks, or join us in April for further announcements! 


We'll be announcing our speakers at the April meetup - see you there!

Lightning Talks

Jack Skinner
In search of simplicity, a tale of blog automation

Jack will show off the static site generator sculpin, and his CI/CD pipeline to 52 edge points a…

You can also visit our Meetup.com page for event information.