Aug 27

SydPHP August 2015 - PHP 7 and more!

Joel Plane Jose Berardo Ollie Brennan Justin King Jack Skinner Ryan Stroh Cory Thompson Anil konsal Tony megha garg Cath Michael Roberts Shaila

14 developers attending

Hey SydPHP! 

Save the date! Details to be announced soon!



***  SHEDULE *** 

Arrive from 6pm onwards 
Talks begin 6:30 sharp 
Hiring & Networking: share job opportunities
Pizza arrives 7:15ish
More talks 
Closing remarks for an 8:30ish finish 

Lightning Talks

We are always looking for lightening talks to top off the evening. If you would like to talk, please fire an email to "organisers <at> sydphp <dot> org"

As always, these meet…

You can also visit our page for event information.