Oct 27

SydPHP - October Meetup

Maryam Talebi Sasan Rose Peter Cowan Mark Meintjes Ruben Funai Sunil Chaulagain Jason Katie McLaughlin Anil Prajapati Neil Smith Raymond Ho Joel Plane Mitch

41 developers attending

Hi Folks!

This month we're welcoming to the stage Katie McLaughlin!

The Power and Responsibility of Unicode Adoption

Emoji have a rich history, and a recent resurgence in Western culture. However, as social networks feverishly try and clamber into this bandwagon, their implementations create issues with miscommunication. From the technical to the social aspects, this talk will cover why the extended character set provided by Unicode needs to be …

Nov 24

SydPHP - November Meetup

Ally Beaton Jack Skinner

2 developers attending

Hi Folks!

Save the date for our last meetup of the year!

Details to be announced.


6:00 - Arrive for a 6:30 start
6:30 - Talks
7:15 - Announcements & Jobs
7:30 - Networking
8:00 - Head to the pub!

Dec 7

MeetupMixup 2016 - tbc

Ally Beaton Jack Skinner

2 developers attending

A tentative save the date. Detail (including date and venue) may change. Keep an eye on @meetupmixup  and here on Meetup.com for the formal anouncements!

Every year we get together for a combined meetup party! This year will be no different!

Registration will be announced soon.


Tickets are available separately - please do not RSVP on meetup.com.


to be announced


We'll announce the venue Soon™.

You can also visit our Meetup.com page for event information.